Welcome Traveler

My name is Anthony Protano, I am a Software Engineer that currently resides in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. My mission for every project that I develop on is to ensure that the business, or individual I am developing for achieve their goals and dreams in the web space. My specialty is in the LEMP Stack, (Linux, Nginx, Mysql, and PHP 7), My stack is accompanied with Gulp.js, SCSS, SVG Icons, LetsEncrypt or CloudFlare, and Docker.


CShive Github Website

CShive Website

The creator of CShive wanted me to create a draft for a new design while keeping simplicity in mind. I chose to design a material theme while condensing the two-page website into one and removing unnecessary icons. My goal was to create a single page that the could find everything necessary to login, mine, and receive a payment code all in one place.

Faith & Scars Github Website

Faith & Scars Band Website

I designed this website for the band Faith & Scars, a Rock band based out of Raleigh, North Carolina. The technology I used is HTML5, SCSS, Javascript, and modern SEO practices. Faith & Scars wanted their website to be a place people could find their up coming shows and general information about the band. Keeping all of this in mind I decided to go with dark colors, clean fonts, parallax backgrounds and a simple layout for the best user experience.

Docker Lemp Stack Github

Docker Lemp Stack

I created this project to replace XAMPP as my development server because Docker allows me to set-up a better testing and deployment workflow. This Docker file is simple, it uses docker-compose to run a multi-container server easing development. The current containers are Nginx, PHP-FPM 7.1, PHPMyAdmin, and MariaDB.

Quasar Gulp Github

Quasar Gulp Post-Processor

Quasar-Gulp is a Pre-Task runner using Gulp, I created Quasar-Gulp to compile SCSS, auto-prefix, clean, concat, image compression, and auto-reload the browser, which greatly speeds up development. I am always adding to this project when I have a need to further automate my workflow.